Insola, Berlin

Print on scaffolding banner, dust protection net

Foto: Chromaistanbul

Hanging from the Insola structure, the building site banners, printed with archive material, photos of the construction sites, and drawings are a reference to the surrounding conversions and changes.“The work Isola leads to the oldest industrial building on Alt-Stralau, the peninsula on the Spree, which is currently the site of a controversial urban redevelopment project.

The installation also forms "the stage for a sound work. Acoustic impressions from the building, radio recordings of historical events and the voices of people whose lives are linked to the site are combined to form a dense fabric that spans one and a half century of eventful history.

Built in 1865 as a carpet factory, the building was associated with wire production and the radio and broadcasting industry from the 1920s onwards. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the factory was left faced with a series of challenges: a takeover, labour disputes, closure, temporary use projects, squatting and, currently, conversion into an exclusive residential property. [...]

Alison Darby's archaeological portrait brings to the surface the multifaceted topographical stratifications of this urban site."

Exerpt from a text by Stefanie Bringezu

Link to the soundpiece

Foto: Chromaistanbul