Collaboration between Alison Darby and Sabrina Brückner

Alison Darby and Sabrina Brückner created a sculptural work on a plot of land at Braunschweiger Strasse 21, Neukölln - Berlin. They built a concrete bench, after the Edeka corner supermarket was demolished in March 2019. The supermarket was knocked down to make room for the construction of 149 „Micro-Living“ apartments, advertised as an ideal investment opportunity. The sculpture was subsequently integrated into a neighbourhood garden by local inhabitants who started an initiative called DaWoEdekaMaWa. However, this communal garden was quickly demolished under police-protection. When the owner decided to resell the land, the bench had to be demolished too. The two artists took action on 13 December 2019, deciding to dismantle the bench themselves and remove it from the plot of land. The initiative continues to meet regularly, organising events and fighting against the building of the luxury appartments.

Photo: Sabrina Brückner

Photo: Sabrina Brückner

Photo: Adrian Knuppertz

Photo: Catherine Evans